"I stagger in but I float out"


I’ve been teaching my de-stress style of Hatha yoga for 10 years.  I passionately believe that complex poses are not required and not suitable for the majority of people and that the perception of yoga students tying themselves up in knots puts many people off!  I also am not able to tie myself into such knots so why should I expect my students to do so.  So, the aim of my classes is to undo the knots managing today’s life has placed within you.  My mantra is to listen to your body (and mind).  If you’re getting a message indicating that you’ve reached your limit, that to move into the pose more deeply will be painful or that to hold the pose longer will be very uncomfortable, then gently release, ease back, find your comfortable but aware position.  

In every class, we will follow a sequence that begins with standing poses, followed by poses on our hands and knees, lying on our fronts, seated and finally lying on our backs.  After this we will do a breathing exercise / meditation and finally everyone’s favourite: a deep guided relaxation (yoga nidra).

Yoga Benefits

Improves flexibility, strengthens and conditions the body

Improves circulation and organ function

Releases stress, soothing the nervous system

Improves memory, mental clarity and concentration

Supports the immune function

Promotes inner peace and tranquillity, improving mood

Promotes self-awareness, self-acceptance, and sense of oneness with the world

Activity Disclaimer

As the class has moved online, you will be able to see me perform the pose and hear my instructions.  However, I will have limited ability to see exactly what you are doing!  This means that you will be “left to yourself” more than in an in-person class. By participating in my online classes, you accept responsibility for your safe practice and agree to respect your ability, personal boundaries and understand when to back off from a pose (see the comments above).  As you will be practicing in your own environment, please ensure that you can do so safely without risk of objects getting in your way or being damaged!  If you have any queries, please email me so I can advise appropriate modifications.

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